I never thought in a million years I would own a gym. I've been a hairstylist for about 10 years now here in Atlanta. I always thought I'd open a salon one day. Throughout the years I've definitely struggled with my weight. Being a stylist it's hard to be on a schedule and eat right. Always eating when you can at weird times, most likely not eating the healthiest, and working all day on your feet and being too tired to go to the gym. I'm just not that person who gets up and says "OMG, I can't freaking wait to workout"!  I would do anything to be that person!

But I tried everything. Cross fit, yoga, hot yoga, boot camp, personal trainers, YMCA, 24-hour gyms, ect. Definitely not knocking any of them, it just wasn't for me. My best friend and now business partner, Missy, started kickboxing and said "Alixx, you have got to come with me I think you'll love it". So being a good friend I said, "Why the hell not"! I was so scared and intimidated when I went to my first class but being with a friend made it a tad easier. The first time I punched that bag I felt like a total badass! I knew at that moment kickboxing was what I had been searching for. It was intense but so fun! It's the first workout I've ever stuck with and really found a passion for. We both loved it and just thought "we need more girls in these classes"!

We decided to open Vesta so that women weren't so intimidated to get into kickboxing. Don't get us wrong we want the men too lol but it can be hard starting at a new gym let alone somewhere that isn't very female friendly. So we want everyone to join in our journey to kickboxing, strength, and community! #getyourkicksonponce



Three years ago I was the heaviest I'd ever been. A lifetime of bad eating habits, bartending late hours and sleeping all day, and zero motivation to exercise were to blame. Then I saw my engagement photos... I had gained 30 lbs and it hit me: I was sick and miserable, during what was such an awesome time in my life. I had to make some major changes.

I tried a couple of different exercise programs with little interest and few results... And then I found kickboxing. It was LOVE. The weight came off and my self esteem went up. I couldn't get enough. I took classes every day, and started training under professional fighters to really concentrate on technique.

I knew that I wanted to dedicate my life to this newfound passion and share it with the rad people of my favorite city.