At Vesta Movement, Members Kick And Punch Off The Pounds

Originally appeared on Georgia State Homes by Pamela Sosnowski

If you're looking for a serious workout that can burn up to 1,000 calories in an hour, look no further than kickboxing at the Vesta Movement gym of Atlanta. You don't have to aspire to be a boxer to take advantage of the cardio and strength training that the exercise delivers, and Vesta's staff welcomes students from all fitness levels. 

"We are a high-energy, non-judgmental and welcoming gym, providing a bad ass workout while also teaching a skill," says owner Missy Mostrom. "We stand apart from other gyms through our unique curriculum. Our passionate trainers work hard to create classes that are always changing, ensuring each workout is new and fun. At Vesta, you're given attention and care as if you were family."

Mostrom's motivation for opening a gym was gaining 30 pounds by the time her engagement photos were taken before her wedding. She attributes the weight gain to "a lifetime of bad eating habits, bar tending late hours, sleeping all day, and zero motivation to exercise." She tried a few fitness programs, but completely fell in love with kickboxing. "The weight came off and my self esteem went up," she recalls. "I couldn't get enough." She's now getting ready to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the opening of Vesta, in 2017.

Mostrom runs the gym with Alixx, a hairdresser that also struggled with weight gain and failed to find the right fitness fit until discovering the power and confidence that kickboxing gives. Together they assist with running the facility seven days a week.

The first class for new students is free; after that, classes are $20 for drop-ins or a five-class package may be purchased for $85. Contracts for three, six, and one-year memberships are also available. During each class, students are fitted with gloves and wraps (which may be purchased new for future use) and are taken through a series of aerobic moves that incorporate jabs, punches, kicks, bobs, and other boxing moves in a fast-paced sequence.

"When you come to Vesta, we will teach you everything you need to know, from wrapping your hands to throwing a perfect switch kick," says Mostrom. "Our classes are made to be all levels, so whether it's your first class, or you're a regular Vesta member; you're guaranteed a killer workout!"

Vesta Movement's Instagram account is full of before and after photos from satisfied students that have dropped pounds from taking kickboxing classes. "Members are able to reach their weight loss goals and stay motivated because the classes are an intense hour of never-boring workouts," she says. "They are surrounded by a strong support system of people who are striving for similar goals."